We develop cutting edge applications to meet your businesses needs

The Internet

At Long Island Ventures we develop, maintain, and promote many successful internet properties.  We cover a multitude of industries and social genres. View our apps to get a full understanding of our diversity and flexibility. Do you have an idea for a internet venture of your own? Contact us so we can discuss making it a reality.

There are may reasons your business venture or non-for-profit should have an app.

Domain Names

Are you looking for a domain that properly identifies your venture? The right domain name is the most important thing in real estate. Location, location, location…… Start off your project on a solid footing with the right domain to brand and grow your project.


We can help market and promote your business online via SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A business should have an app and website to help promote their business and help obtain more customers. There also other methods to effectively market your business online that we can help you implement. The end goal is to get more exposure for your business and increase sales.

Technology is ever-evolving…..are you ready?

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